The marketing strategy and packaging design for a CPG company
My approach is based on deep dives into human needs and on providing appropriate strategic and creative solutions that benefit both the customer and the business.
During every complex project, I take these steps:
— Emotional and functional benefits
— Brand/product positioning
— Communication messages
— Visual identity
— Empathetic Interviews
— Mobile Ethnography
— CJM development
— TA segmentation (personas)
— Product/Brand Positioning
— Brand platform
— Communication messages
— Promotion plan
— Design Research
— Visual Identity Concept
— Visual Identity Principles
— Implementation
If you need to discover your authenticity and express yourself through a flexible visual identity
If you need to understand your target audience segments deeply and create attractive brand assets for them
If you want to make your company the most attractive place to work for your current and future employees
If you have a breakthrough idea but first you want to test your hypothesis and only then launch it on market